3+ Golden Ways For Promoting Blog to get Earn Money

Whether you’re an Apple person, a Nike person, or a Whole Foods person, no one finds it weird when you associate your personality with a brand.

Essentially, you are going around promoting these companies’ products and services without any incentive at all. And that is the power of brand awareness.

When you can embed your business into your consumers’ lifestyles and purchasing habits, then you will have a huge edge.

When you join the blog realm and become a part of the community of site owners, you have made the most out of a very cheap and successful medium.

I wasn’t laughing when I heard that Nike were spending $10 million on ad buys. I couldn’t help wondering how much they spent buying getting that ad campaign known to the masses.

There’s an entire marketing strategy based on a one time exposure. Before I was ever exposed to Nike.

People pay a lot to appear in ads, but what they are really spending is a briefcase full of money.

And with a 30 second spot being the most expensive baseline extra, you must be making it a point to create high content, high quality posts that deliver a Feed of User ADsense income.

Yes, people are paying to see your ad, so please make it worth it.

Wire-Ups are the most basic visitors to your blog; they are individuals who are logged on to your blog, but are not registered, and who are not part of your regular list.

They also are registered bloggers, or are currently active bloggers who have added links to your blog, and are considered to be frequents or’low traffic’.

There are methods of keeping track of these visitors, but it is time consuming,

Though the only way to do it is to promote other people’ blogs and content, and then use them as promoted links on your blog and other websites.

Most of the methods used by bloggers to promote other content are quite lucrative.

The biggest glaring downfall to becoming a blogger comes in consistency, though.

If you are new, and are leaving it to a minute later to be found, or do not appear consistent in your posts.

You will lose viewer interest, and many will miss out on traffic that could be following your blog.

You will become one of those who dismiss the blog, as they will find no original content.

3 Magic Tricks To Get Viral

Consider this key factors to achieve best of out of your blogs and articles once you publish them.

1. Post engages viewers,

Leaving readers emotionally connected with the content and the site.

Don’t just post content on your blog, and then forget about it.

Comment on other people’ blogs. Creating posts using news and information relevant to the blog post/site will even be more effective, because the posting will be viewed, and possibly liked.

What I say, is making insightful posts, they are relevant to the blog instead of just posting it as an advertisement.

This is just one step, and the next, but the idea is to introduce yourself to people who are interested in what you have to say, than nothing is better than creating posts using original content that are accessible only by following a blog.

It gives them a look into your personal thought process by demonstrating your connection to the blog.

2. Giving credit to other bloggers

As well as promoting other bloggers content.
If you give it the aforementioned credibility and longevity,
I think it’s a given that other bloggers will want to reap the benefits of it.

You can start by commenting on blogs with links, quotes, pictures and videos. This will be one of the best channels to drive traffic to your blog.

I have been a blogger for a little while now, and never thought, that no matter what anyone says, I can actually get anyone to like me, or I might give someone a bad impression or badRelationship with them.

I have been here now for 2 years, and I have never received one complaint from anyone about this, nor have I heard trash talking about it and left a bad impression.

It’s a win win situation.
Giving credit to others will create a community around you, because, as long as he or she gave good content, people will link and like.

3. E-mail marketing campaigns

Those are very cost effectivefor me. Also if done on a consistent basis you will eventually get the attention of the right people.

There were politicians in the list, and amigos.

I was in every room, and I even met a lady who is a student and my sister’s girlfriend.

I’m proud of this students because they are making a difference in peoples lives. It’s a win win situation.

When I felt extremely secure that I had the right people on my list, I took some extra time to reach out to the other other people on the list, telling them that I had been doing the same thing and that there is a lot of traffic on the list.

Eventually opened their emailes and flooded with compliments and thanks.